Kamtix offers garbage collection services to their corporate clients. The company has an environment friendly and fully self-contained cleaning unit that empties the garbage cans and cleans them ensuring that the work premises remains clean.

They also ensure proper disposal of used water to avoid contamination.

  • Hazardous Waste, Collection and Disposal
  • Non Hazardous Collecting and Disposal
  • E Waste (Electronic Waste) Collection and Disposal
  • Biodegradable Waste (in horticultural/agricultural and fresh
    produce packaging facilities)
  • Collection and Disposal Provision of appropriate waste bins
    and Exauster Services

Kamtix Cleaning Company has perfected the art of eradicating pests by recognizing infestation trends of different pests and coming up with the best way of handling them using environmentally friendly products.

These fumigation and pest control services are aimed at containing and reducing the damage caused by insects and other pests done by baiting, application of repellents and eradicative treatment against insect pests such as termites, cockroaches, sugar ants, bedbugs, mites, wood worms, white flies, mosquitoes, silver fish and other such like vermin.





Our landscaping and garden maintenance provides a unique quality management in the growth and direction of your flowers, shrubs, trees and
grass We transform terrains from rugged, desolate, soil heaped, bushy and debris filled surfaces to serene manicured lawns and flower gardens. The result offers am aesthetically pleasing, beautiful and environmentally responsible landscaping.

We maintains a specialized car detailing service that aims to clean, polish, protect and help maintain the cars’ sleek appearance restoring the vehicle to its showroom look. Kamtix cleaning team focuses on interior and exterior specialized hand car cleaning. Our Specialty with auto services include wash and vacuum, interior shampoo, fabric protection, leather protection, paint protection, high speed polishing, engine shampooing, rust proofing and wind shield water mark removal.

Kamtix cleaning provides quality cleaning services across a wide variety of locations including state pavillions, prestigious offices, schools (educational establishment/institutions) banks, airports, hospitals, hotel/restaurants, residential houses, public areas such as toilets, football grounds and parks/compounds.